11 Best SEO Tools will Make You SEO Perfect in 2022

When I started SEO at the starting of my career, It was very easy and people doing it blindly. There is no rule and regulations for backlinks. I also created many spammy links for my website as well. Today we have a number of algorithms and webmaster rules available so SEO is not the same as the old ways. It’s hard to practice SEO but thanks to the best SEO tools that make SEO a little bit easy for SEO marketers. There are many tools available in the market today. I am sharing these best SEO tools. These will help you to get success in SEO.

Why SEO Masters use SEO Tools

SEO is a long-term process and you need to do a lot of tasks like keyword research, website analysis, and competitor analysis. If you will do all these processes manually then it will take a week or months to analyze a big website. SEO tools make your life in terms of SEO tasks. people can do SEO easily with the help of SEO tools. Here is the list of tools that I am using and will recommend you as well.

1. Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool

Best SEO Tools for Beginners
Ahrefs tool

When we talk about SEO tools the first tool that comes in our time is Ahrefs. It is a great tool if you are looking to analyze your website or find exactly you need to improve your website for ranking in search engine. I use this tool to analyze the website and for keyword research.

 2. SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools

Best SEO Tools
SEMrush Tool

The tool which I used the most and my favorite SEO tool is SEMRush. I will recommend you to use this tool. If you are looking to get results in SEO then SEMrush can help you to get it fast. In the SEMrush you can analyze your competitors and keywords and a lot more things. Check this SEMRush tool once as it provides a free option as well.

3. Google Search Console

Google SEO Tools
Google Search Console

We do SEO to get our website on search engine result pages. Google is the favorite search engine of every generation. Google Search Console is a free tool by Google. This tool will make your life really easy in terms of SEO. You can’t get results in SEO if your website is not indexed in Google. Google search console will help you to do all this and will highly recommend this tool to everyone.

 4. Moz Pro: SEO Software

paid SEO tool
Moz Pro Software

One of the most important and valuable tools is Moz pro. We all know the value of Moz in the SEO industry. If you are looking for an SEO tool then Moz pro will definitely help you to get success in SEO. You can use the Moz bar to identify the issues of your web page. I will suggest you try Moz pro for sure once.

5. Ubersuggest: Keyword Tracking Tool

Best Tools for Begginers

Keywords plays the important role in SEO, Ubersuggest plays the important role in keyword research. Ubersuggest is a great tool by Niel Patel that helps you to find keywords and analyze the SEO factor of a website. It has a really simple design to understand things. If you are looking to find the best SEO tool you should check this tool once.

6. SpyFu: Free SEO Tools

Best free SEO Tools for beginners
Spyfu SEO Tool

The tool provides you lot of features and makes your SEO life easy i.e. spyfu. At the starting of your SEO process, you can start with a free one as well. It provides you enough solutions to your SEO problems. I will recommend you to check this awesome tool for sure.

7. Keywords Everywhere

Free keyword research tool
Keyword Everywhere

When someone talks about SEO the first thing we think about that is keywords. If you are not targeting the right tools for your business or blog, you will never get success with your business. You have to choose the rights keywords for your business. Keywords everywhere is a great tool to choose your keywords for SEO Process. It provides you accurate data in terms of monthly search volume etc. I personally use this keyword as you can see in the above screenshot. You should try this tool once for sure.

8. Screaming Frog: Online SEO Tools

Screaming frog SEO Tool

Every Tool is important here but if you are looking to save your time in SEO audit, Screaming Frog provides you the best SEO Audit tools to make your life in terms of SEO audit, etc. I will recommend this great tool for your SEO success.

9. Google Trends

Google Trends
Google Trends

Many people never use this tool when they do SEO or other things. Google Trends provides you accurate data about the keywords and trends about the keywords you are searching. I will recommend you to check this once and know the power of this great tool.

10. Woorank

You can win in SEO if your website is SEO optimized and according to search engine webmaster rules. When I start doing SEO my favorite tool was woorank as I analyzed hundreds of websites with this tool. It provides you many many features with a simple design and accurate data. When you start an SEO career many clients will ask you for SEO analysis for their website. This tool will provide you a quick and easy way to handle those things. You should check this tool for sure.

11. Majestic

Majestic SEO Tool

One of my favorite and important SEO tool is Majestic. If you want to check your website backlink or want to do SEO Audit, Majestic is a great tool to perform such things and makes your SEO life easy. I would recommend you to check this tool and start your SEO process like a pro.


These are the tools that will make your life easy. I know the list can be a huge one but these are the tools that I use personally. If you are looking for SEO tools please check this list once. These tools will help you either you are an expert or just start doing SEO. If you are a newbie then I recommend you start a blog and apply these tools to your blog. If you want to start to check our blogging guide how to start a blog in 2022 step by step guide, If you have any Best SEO tools then please let me know in the comment section.

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