How to Start a Blog Effectively and Make Money in 2022

Hello Bloggers, Welcome to the first guide of your blogging Journey, How to start a blog effectively and make money in 2022 & for the next upcoming years. I will try my best to encourage you to start blogging and get success in a short span of time.

There are thousands of guides available on the internet about starting a blog and every person trying their best to provide you the best knowledge about blogging. In my guide, I will make step-by-step techniques to start your blog.

When I started blogging I created 4 blogs before the current one so I have much experience with the failure of blogging. I will take guarantee of your success if you will follow this guide step by step with practical work.

I have some questions before proceeding further. Please check once why you are looking to start a Blog.

  1. Do you want to know How to set up a Blog?
  2. Do You want to know How to start a blog and get paid?

If the answer to the above question is “Yes” then my friend you are in the right place. Now without wasting so much time let’s start our guide How to set up a Blog.

But Wait !!! Before going further if you don’t want to read the whole guide or want to go at your own pace please following the links below –

Why you Should Start a Blog in 2022

Have you read anywhere about blogging is dead now? If Yes, My friend forgets about that and starts creating a blog yourself. I can show the number of reasons why you should start blogging in 2022.

  • If you want to learn digital marketing then Blogging can be a life-changing opportunity for you.
  • Blogging can make you a great writer and author in the future.
  • The Best thing about blogging that you can make a great income source for yourself.
  • You can start blogging part-time a well
  • At last, what’s your plan now about blogging, Do you want to start a Blog in 2022?
  • Read this awesome guide to start your blogging journey.

What Things we need to start a Blog

Whenever you will do start work for yourself, you need some things to start work. There are many ways that help you to start your blogging journey. You can do blogging with the free method or you have the option for paid as well.

Here are some platforms where you can build your blog.

  1. Blogger:- It’s a Google product to start your blogging journey. It’s a free platform and very popular all over the world for writing. You can start your blog on blogger as well but the problem with bloggers, that you will get very limited sources on the blogger. It can be very risky for you to start things on blogger. You don’t have much control over your tasks in blogger.
  2. is also a free version of the WordPress platform. You can start blogging with the free version. The disadvantage of the free version is that you will get limited sources.
  3. Wix:- Wix is also a good content writing platform. It has both free and paid versions. You will get the limited sources for your work here as well.
  4. Squarespace:- It’s also a good content writing platform. It has also paid and free versions.
  5. Medium:- Many people this platform to get ranking in search engines for some important articles. It helps them to earn some money from their affiliate products. It also has both free and paid versions.

These are some platforms I will recommend you to start writing or blogging practice. I will suggest you use these platforms for practice. Now, the thing is where I could start our blog permanently? I will highly recommend you WordPress for your blogging journey.

There are many methods to install WordPress and start blogging with full control.

Step 1 : How to Choose a Niche For Your Blog

How to Choose Niche for your Blog

It’s an important part of Blogging. You should have an idea about what you will write for your blog. What topic you are going to choose for your blog. A niche is a topic on which you will write for a long time or maybe for your whole life.

Actually, it’s not a matter of one or two posts for your blog. You have gonna put plenty of content on your blog so make a blog on a niche where you can write thousands of posts for it. Let’s discuss some tips which will help you to choose a niche for your blog

  1. Choose a Niche which you Can Write About:-

    Some people start a blog with a business mind and some others write about their passion on a blog. Now, The thing is how you should choose a niche for your blog? Just check yourself, How much you can write about a topic or what is the requirements of your business with a blog. If you can’t write much about your blog or don’t know what to write for your blog. You will lose interest in your blog and it can be the end of your blogging journey.
  2. Choose a Niche with Bussiness Intent:-

    When you giving your precious time for something you need a reward in return for it. It will motivate you to work for a long time for that purpose. For a Blog, You should have the same mindset. If your blog earns some money for you, It can become a full-time business or a lifetime opportunity for your blogging success. Let’s read more about this:-

For Example:- You writing something about any topic. suppose you are writing a blog about the pet niche. There you are writing about the different types of food for your puppy according to his age.

You can promote related products about that topic in your blog post. I mean to say you can recommend pet food-type products in your blog. People are finding the solution for their pet food problem.

people will come to your blog for the solution. They can purchase your recommended products for their pets. In this way, you can make permanently and handsome money from your blog.

3. Become a Problem Solver:-

If you are capable of solving the problem of people, My friend your future is bright in blogging. I will suggest you find a niche and solve the problem of people in the same niche.

For doing it, You need to know that what people are searching for on the internet. Do your research and solve their problem. You will get great rewards from people in return. some of the hot niches are:-

  1. Health:- Do you want to stay healthy? Every person in the world wants to remain fit and healthy. It’s a good niche to start your blog. People buy health-related products regular basis.
  2. Money:- I want to make money to enjoy life. How you will make money? Many people have this same question. Money-making niche also a good niche to get started on your blog.
  3. Problem Solving:- Real problem-solving niche is a great topic to start your blog. Solve the problem of the people and enjoy the success.

I hope you will get Ideas about the niche selection and you are ready to go to the next step. If not, I will suggest you do research on the internet about what people are buying online. There are many websites where you can get help like quora, answer a public, etc.

Now, It’s time to move to the next part of the guide!

Step 2 : How to Choose the Name of Your Blog

How to Choose the Name of Your Blog

The next step of how to start a blog is not very difficult. We need to choose the name of the blog. It’s not a very difficult task to do.

If you see the name of Google, you can’t get an idea about what type of business it could be. The popularity of Google you know very well. It becomes a part of our life.

Now the thing is, your blog name will not make you popular, It’s you who will make your blog name popular.

Let’s discuss some points about how to choose the name of your blog

The name should be unique.

Try to be short and easy to remember the name.

Try to take the name available to all types of account platforms like social media and Gmail etc.

Your domain name should be under 12 letters.

Try to be relevant with your blog niche.

These are some quick tips about how to choose your blog name. I hope you got the idea about it.

Now it’s time to move to the next step of your blog.

Step 3 : How to get Domain name and Hosting for Your Blog

How to Choose the Domain & Hosting

Let’s dive into the practical version of the blog. A Domain and hosting are very important parts when you set up a blog.

Website hosting is a very important tool for your blogging success. If you will choose a cheap quality hosting for your blog, that will be very difficult for you to get success with your blog.

In domain, If you will choose a difficult domain name for your blog that will be very hard for people to remember that.

How to Choose Domain for your blog

I hope you have an idea about the domain name as in 2022 it’s a very normal thing to know. If you don’t then, a domain name is the web address of your blog.

The thing that is important for blog name is that what TLD domain extension you are going to use for your blog.

This thing will depend upon the audience you want to target with your blog. .com extension we use for a worldwide audience.

When people see the .com extension they recognize you as a worldwide presence. If you are going to target a specific country or region then you will use that country extension for your blog.

If you will target the UK country then your domain name will be Now, how you can book or search domain names.

Namecheap:- if you want to search for a domain name you can take the help of Namecheap where you will get an affordable domain and shared hosting.

Bluehost:- One of the best hosting platforms to start a blog on WordPress. Bluehost provides a free domain on the first WordPress hosting purchase.

How to choose Hosting for your Blog:-

Hosting is the main pillar of your blog. I will recommend you to choose wisely. It affects many things when we talk about blogging.

If you have cheap hosting on your blog, It will affect your keyword ranking in search engines for the slow speed of your website.

Slow speed becomes the cause of a low bounce rate. People can’t wait much if your website is slow.

Cheap hosting can’t be a secure land for you as a hacker can harm your blog so I think it’s clear now why you should have a strong website for your Blog?

I will recommend you to Bluehost for your WordPress hosting. Let’s check How you can purchase hosting on Bluehost.

My Bluehost Review for your Blog Success.

Just follow the steps you need to take for Purchasing Bluehost Hosting.

Bluehost Home page

It’s a really quick and easy process to purchase hosting from Bluehost. after opening the website please check the WordPress pricing plans of Bluehost. Please select the plan below in the screenshot.

WordPress starter plan will be enough to start the new blog. If you are looking for a plus plan please choose according to your need below in the screenshot.

BlueHost Price plan
Bluehost price plan

After selecting the hosting plan you will redirect the page of the website. If you have a domain already then use your existing domain for sign up.

Bluehost provides a free domain name when you sign up for a hosting plan with Bluehost. If you don’t have the domain name.

I will suggest you complete sign up for hosting first and grab a free domain name from Bluehost. Please check the screenshot for your help.

BlueHost Sign up
BlueHost Sign up

After entering the domain name you will get an account details option. There you can get step by step process to complete your sign-up.

Bluehost Account details

When you will complete whole above steps you will get a successful account with your hosting plan. Many Many congratulations on completing your first step.

How to get successful hosting account
Successful Hosting Account

Now your Account is ready or still thinking to take action for Bluehost Hosting Account. Try now!!! and We will move forward to our journey of How to start a Blog in 2022.

Step 4: How to Install WordPress

How to install wordpress

BlueHost account is ready now and it’s time to install the WordPress platform for your blog. As I mentioned above WordPress is the most popular platform in the world for blogging.

There is almost 60% of the user on the internet is on WordPress. The world is transforming to digital the data will increase more.

WordPress provides you full control of your blog as compared to the other free platform. I highly recommend you install WordPress on the blog.

I will show you next how to install WordPress for your blog.

Step 1:- Go to your Bluehost account and log in there to start the installation.

Bluehost hosting login account

Choose a name for your blog and start building your blog. check the screenshot

Create a blog
create a blog section

Now you need to tell a little bit about your blog. Check the screenshot and apply the changes.

Tell us more about yourself

In the next step, you need to select a theme. WordPress theme makes your blog attractive and functional

Choose a theme

Now select the free theme and your blog is ready for editing.

WordPress Installed

Now the Basic things are done and your blog is ready for important editing. But, before going further check your domain in the browser by opening the URL.

It will look like a simple page but yes we can improve it by installing the premium themes. Premium these makes your blogs more fast and attractive.

If it’s working fine then we need to go for the Next Steps. The next step will be the apply a premium theme to your blog.

Step 5:How to Choose Premium WordPress Theme

When we talk about a website/Blog. The first thing which comes to our mind that how should be our website/blog look.

A nice and eye-catchy design attracts the visitors. If you are doing hard work to create content for your blog but the design looks cheap and unprofessional people will never waste their time on your blog.

Premium themes are light and blazing fast. They improve your blog speed which helps you to get ranking in the search engine.

Here some premium themes I would recommend to you to get success quickly.

Ocean Wp:- I personally use the theme and it provides the best speed for my blog. It has so many inbuilt features that will help you to make your blog stunning.

How to start a Blog

Generatepress:- Generate press is also a great theme to build your blog on it. It also has every feature which we need to get success through blogging.

How to start a Blog

You can choose any theme from Oceanwp or GeneratePress for your blog. If you are looking to build a blog for the long run. I highly recommend you use a premium theme for your blog.

Apart from premium themes, there are thousands of free themes available for a new blog. You can choose a free theme from the WordPress platform.

For choosing the free theme, Go to your WordPress dashboard-appearance- Themes and you can check the add mew option in the screenshot

WordPress Free theme option

I think you will face problems when you see thousands of free themes in WordPress. Let me tell you some free options as well. In my free theme list:-

  • GeneratePress FREE Version
  • Astra FREE
  • Ocean WP

If your theme problem is solved so it’s time to move forward on to the next step. But yes, Don’t forget to customize your theme after installing it on your blog.

Step 6: Install Important plugin to your Awesome Blog

Important plugins for your Blog

Do you know why WordPress is popular all over the world? WordPress has a plugin for every problem you faced in your blogging journey.

The plugin improves the functionality of your Blog. I recommend you install an important plugin on your blog. Plugins will play important role in your blogging success.

To add any plugin to your site. visit your dashboard and go through Plugin> Add New> And install the plugin you want.

Add plugin

Check out these important plugins for your blog.

Wp Rocket– It’s an important tool for your blog. wp rocket will enhance the speed of your blog. It’s a WordPress caching plugin. Include this awesome plugin in your blog.

Yoast SEO– What will be the benefit of a blog when no one sees it or read it. Yoast SEO helps improve the SEO practices in your blog.

You can get ranking in the search engines if you will use this plugin properly. I will recommend you upload it on your blog.

Contact Form 7– This plugin is helpful to create a contact us page on your blog.

Wordfence Security– It’s a really important plugin as security play a major role in blogging. Hackers can harm your blog so put this plugin on your blog as well.

Updraft Plus– One of the good habits of bloggers is to take backup of your blog on a regular basis. updraft take back up of your blog on regular basis. It will secure your blog from mishappening.

Social Snap– Social Media plays an important role in the growth of blogs. Upload this plugin on the blog and provide a social share option for your audience.

Akismet Spam Protection– People put spam comments on your blog and this plugin provides you protect you from spam.

These are the things you should take care of or learn to How to start a Blog. Now theTechnical part of the blog is almost complete.

Our next step will be on how to write your first blog post.

Step 7: How to Write your First Blog Post

How to Write your First Blog Post

I hope your blog is ready and it’s time to put your content on the blog now. Content is key to success so you need to upload content on regular basis for your blog.

I will recommend you to upload 2-3 posts every week for your new blog. It’s not an easy thing to maintain a blog without content consistency.

Let’s see how you can upload posts for your blog.

Here are the steps:- Dashboard>Posts>Add New Posts

How to add post

You can see the above screenshot, How to add a post to your blog. You need to select categories etc to complete the post.

Content Section

You can see the above screenshot, You can upload your content, etc in the content section. There is a tool called Grammarly. You can take the help of that tool to the right content for your blog.

As I above said content is key to success, No matter how your blog looks If you don’t have content on your blog, It will be very difficult for your blog to get success.

I highly recommend you write content regularly for your blog. Now, You have an idea of how to write a post for your blog.

It’s time to move to the next step of your blog and that will be how to optimize your blog for search engines.

Step 8: How to Optimize Your Blog Post for Search Engines.

Optimize your Blog for search engine

The blog is ready now and I hope your blog post is also ready. Here is the most blogger face problem these days.

You have a blog and good content on that a well, But if no one is searching your blog, what will be the benefits of that blog?

Here I share some tips about how to optimize your blog to get some traffic? We need to optimize our blog posts for search engines.

Here are some tips How to optimize your blog for SEO

SEO is a broad topic so it’s difficult to cover it in one post. I will recommend you to join some SEO courses as there are a lot of free courses are available on google.

Let’s come to the topic again and Here are some tips for blog optimization-

Keyword Research:- I will recommend you to write your piece of content according to the targeted Keywords. Keyword research helps you to decide on which topic you will target your audience.

You need to make sure that the keyword you targeting for your blog are the people searching for. I will suggest you do keyword research before writing any piece of content.

Include your researched keyword in the written content. I will recommend you semrush tool for your keyword research. If you can use your keyword properly in your content, Google may be rank your blog post for some keywords.

On-page SEO:- It’s an important task for SEO after the search engine algorithm. Googles roll out the algorithm on a regular interval of time.

Now the person who will do good on-page SEO for their blog posts will get a higher chance to get ranking in the search engine.

Actually, a huge list of things comes under on-page SEO so I will recommend you to do some research on it and try it on your blog.

Use a Simple and Effective Headline:- This step doesn’t look much important but yes it is also very important for your SEO. Google always shows the relevant results on the searched query.

When you search for something on Google and my friend, Google checks the first thing Blog headline on any blog when search engine shows results to you. I will recommend you to include your keyword in your Blog Post title.

I hope you have an idea about How things will work for blog post optimization. There are a lot of things need to do when we jump into blogging.

The next section about this guide is:-

How to make money with your blog.

I will upload these above sections soon. Till that read the above complete guide on how to start a blog step by step. Subscribe to our Newsletter for other remaining posts.

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