Systeme Io Review 2022: Best Free Funnel Builder

Systeme Io is not a funnel builder tool, It’s a complete package which you need to establish your business online. Welcome to our systeme Io review and I hope we will help you to create your business and control your clients as well.

It helps you to create a funnel, blog and provides email marketing tools, etc., and all other tools which you need to set up your business online.

If you are a beginner or expert, this tool has the potential to serve everyone without any hesitation. If you are a beginner and looking to create your first funnel. This tool is your friend. You are an expert and looking to create a course for your audience, this tool can be your best friend as well.:)

What is

Systeme io is a great tool for online communities or persons who want to create an online business. This tool has every feature that we need to create our online journey.

systeme Io provides you feature like:-

  • Funnel builder
  • Email marketing software
  • Online course builder
  • Marketing automation
  • Affiliate program management
  • Blogging platform

If we look above features, All features we need to buy individually If we are not using the Systeme io. This thing makes Systeme Io is the best in the competition.

With these core features, You can use Systeme Io to sell digital products from their platforms and this can be a great opportunity for you as well. Let’s discuss the feature one by one:-

Funnel builder:-

In this module, you will create your marketing platform which will help you to generate leads for your business. You will get templates for each page like the landing page, thank you page, and bridge page.

The best thing about the software is that It has a drag & drop feature. It also monitors your success and inspires your clients to get something out of you.

Let’s start the funnel building with To get started, visit the “Funnels” tab and hit the “Create+” button. review

In the above picture, select the reason why you are creating your funnel. I use for collecting email so I started with building an audience.

If you are looking for the same let’s choose the first option and find a perfect template for your funnel.

systeme io review
Choose template

Now, after selecting the template you can use the drag & drop function to edit your funnel.

systeme io review

Once, Your squeeze page is ready, save the document and get back to the admin dashboard.

It’s time to set up the thank you page now so let’s select the template for your thank you page.

systeme io review

I hope your pages are ready now and it’s time to set up the automation to optimize your conversion process.

systeme io review

These are the steps to create your funnel. After creating a funnel you can check your stats as well.

systeme io review

In the above screenshot, You can see the stats feature to show how many pageviews and conversions getting your funnel. This is all about the creating funnel.

Let’s move to other benefits of

Email Marketing

When we talk about building relationships with our audience. Email marketing plays important role in building relationships. Personally, I used GetResponse for email marketing before tools offer us an advanced email marketing platform where we can send emails up to 2000 contacts. All features you will get in the freemium plan so it’s making a real profit for every business.

For starting the email marketing, Click the “Email” tab in the dashboard and select the “create a campaign”.

systeme io review

In the above image, You can see how to create your first email campaign. Make your template ready and start sending emails to your audience.

Similarly, If you are looking to send email automatically to your audience then systeme io provides a feature to send your contact email automatically through an automation email marketing function. provides you with an important feature to import your contacts from your other email marketing which you are using previously.

Just export the contacts in the CSV file from your old email marketing tool and import them in the systeme io dashboard.

The final words are, You can create a campaign in the email marketing tool as well as with the automation process. You can import your existing contacts from your old email marketing tool up to 2000 contacts so what you are waiting for?

Online Course Builder

In you will get the course builder where you can build your own course and sell that to your audience.

To build an online course, navigate through Product/Sales > Courses > Add a new course


In the above section, fill all your necessary data and move further with creating a module.

systeme io course creation

After creating the module, It’s time to create your first lecture in your course.

course creation

You have created your first lecture but now you need to add content to your lecture. Content can be in the format of text or video so that will be your choice which type of content you want to add in your lecture.

systeme io course builder

I hope everything is upon your course and it’s time to add your course to the sales funnel. If you don’t have any funnel for your course. Please create the funnel and link your course with it.

To link it up, go to the course setting and choose your funnel. See the screenshot below.

online course builder

After Linking your course with the sale funnel. It’s ready to go live and it should look like to given screenshot.

course builder

Systeme Io Review for Marketing Automation

If you love to capture leads and I think every businessman love to capture the leads. Systeme Io capture leads in your funnel and you can set up the autoresponders and add automated rules to your funnel or website.

The future is automated and you are getting this awesome feature for free of cost in

Automation rules play an important role in email marketing as you can send multiple automated emails to your subscriber.

Just go to the “automation” tab and set up your automated rules in the dashboard.

email automation rules is an all-in-one platform and automation is a really cool feature for all of them.

The above features are enough for you to start an online business but provides you with some more features so let’s discuss the other features of

The administration of affiliates

This is a really helpful step for small businesses if they want to get some traffic for their website or funnel. gives you everything you need to run your own affiliate program — where you can track your complete system of affiliate things.

If you are looking to start with it just navigate through Product/Sales > My affiliate program > Affiliate program settings and start promoting your program.

After going there just fill up the necessary details and save your affiliate program.

Click on “Affiliate commissions payments settings” from the left side menu, and choose which method you want to create for payment sending Paypal or wire transfer.

Systeme Io Review : Blogging Platform provides you blogging platform where you can use the inbuilt blog template to create your blog on can integrate your email list, payment system, and membership site into your blog.

You will not get the same platform as WordPress or some other blogging platform to build your blog. It provides you with a basic platform to create your blog. But, yes it can help you to start your blogging part if you have basic needs with it.

Systeme Io Review Pros and Cons

Systeme Io Review Pros

  • is very easy to use and a begginer can handle this tool eeffectively.
  • You can add up to 2000 contacts in your email list which is really a great offer because even email marketing tool charging you money for 500 contacts.
  • provides affiliate marketing programe which helps you promote other products and earn money from them.
  • It has every feature you need to build your online business and you will get them for free as well
  • The UI is clean, simple, and most importantly, completely uncluttered and easy to navigate

Systeme Io Review Cons

  • It doesn’t provide you any feature to integrate with other apps so it can be problem if you want to integrate with any other tools/apps. Review: Pricing Plans has 4 price options. The best thing about this tool is that It is one of the cheapest marketing channels. has 4 plans one is freemium and 3 others are paid.

The three plans are a startup, Webinar, and Enterprise. Let’s discuss the 3 paid plans of the

Startup: If you go with the startup plan of then you will get 5,000 email users, three membership pages. Along with marketing automation.

Webinar: If you go with the Webinar plan, you will get 10,000 email subscripts, five pages, two custom fields, three webinars, coupon codes, and A/B checks.

Enterprise: In this plan, you will get up to 15,000 email users, five custom domains, unlimited webinars. And 1-on-1 hour coaching sessions provide the most costly membership. Review: Customer Support

When we are using the Saas software the main thing which comes to our mind that is the customer support of the company. provides you support in many ways so you will not regret your decision to use the software.

Access’s knowledge base by visiting the “Help” tab from your dashboard. contact support

Systeme io Review: What’s The Verdict? has a simple and clean framework but is highly efficient to complete all tasks of your business. In you will get all his features in the freemium plan.

If you are and looking to start your business please try the for once. has every feature that you need to start your online business. provides you with features like funnel building, email marketing with an automation process.

So ready to start? start your account. If you have any thought in mind please let me know on the comment section 🙂

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