I think your blog is ready and that’s why you are on this blog. You are looking for your first blog post now. right?

This is also my first blog post. I want to discuss with you people what problem I faced in writing my first content. When I built this blog I had some knowledge about WordPress and theme, plugins, etc. Now the blog is ready but what I will write for my blog was the biggest pain for me.

I know you are also blind from mind what should I write now 🙂 and  I think every blogger faces this issue in his blogging career. You are not alone here so be motivated. I hope with this post you will get some solution for your problem.

Here are some solutions I would like to share with you:-

1. Don’t Know What to Write:-

When I start to do blogging and after creating my blog I don’t have any idea what to write for my blog. I researched the things many times and didn’t get any idea about what should I write in my first blog. In this matter, you should solve the problem of yourself first and then tell the audience how you get ideas to write your first blog post.

2. Get the Content Ideas:-

There are many content idea generators you will get on the internet today. Find the one you like to work with and start working with that. I personally use a content idea generator tool to generate hundreds of ideas to write content on regular basis. Try this tool once for sure. It will work like a magic for you.

3.Use Quora For Content help:-

If you have checked quora will find that people asking questions about their problem quora platform. You will get about the ideas of people’s problem on quora. Get the idea from there and solve their problem in your content.

4.Take help from Buzzsumo:-
Buzzsumo is a great tool to check your content’s potential and get ideas about what people share on social media. It will help you to find which piece of content is working perfectly.

5. Use Google Trends:-

Google Trends is also a great tool. It will help to check trending content on search engines. You can take help from this amazing tool as well.

6. Consistency:-

One of the very important tasks for bloggers. Many bloggers fail to be consistent on their blogs. Google loves the blog that puts content on their blogs on a regular time and consistent basis. It will help you fast indexing in search engines.

Here are some tips which will help you to find how to write first blog post for your blog. These tips will help you to write the first piece of your content. If you have which you love to share with me please suggest me for sure.

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