About us

In today’s stressful lifestyle and hectic schedule from office to home and home to office is one of the major reasons why we are getting mental as well as physical problems. The first reason is our lifestyle that we are living in today’s world and secondly due to different types of pollutions.

So in order to overcome all these issues related to mental as well as physical we have to spend some leisure time alone as well as with our loved ones.

So snowy trips is your leisure time partner that helps you to explore new horizons of your’s and to get some time of yours with you away from polluted cited in the snowy mountains of Himachal Pradesh in nature with our hotel/leisure partners. We have a number of properties in different tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh where you can spend some time in activities like paragliding, trekking,  river-rafting, and mountaineering, etc . if you are an adventure-loving person.

Snowy trips deal in and offer almost all types of adventure, spiritual, cultural, historical, famous tourist destinations to explorer types of tour packages from different parts of Himachal Pradesh and the world that snowy trips try to fit in your budget.  Snowy trips continuously working on a different customized range of budget traveling to luxurious tour packs.

Snowy trips started its functions focusing on tour packages in Himachal Pradesh because Himachal Pradesh has a huge variety in its destinations from adventure sports and activities like bir bling in district Kangra offers one of the paragliding site same in the case with the Kullu Manali that offers one of the most adventures river rafting in Beas river and same with the other aspects of spiritual and other types of tours that snowy trips is providing and due to which snowy trip started it functions from Himachal Pradesh with the initiative of Himachal tourism.

Snowy trips has a tagline “travel to live, live to travel”

In this tagline of the company has an idea that we must get some time and should invest that time into traveling because traveling experiences add a sort acceptance and acceptability in individual’s personality because traveling adds experiences in someone’s life and these experiences are considered as a polish to your existing skills and education. So I order to get enhance our experience we must take some time to travel because this will definitely add some experiences in an individual’s life.

Snowy trips have its office in Bodh road Ganoh(Nurpur) district-Kangra in the foothills of  snow-covered Dauladhar mountains of Himachal Pradesh you can contact us on our official email id:-  snowytrips@gmail.com